Monday, July 13, 2009

EPA Climate Security Act of 2008 Analysis

Here's a great resource for supply chain and financial analyst seeking to secure long term environmental and costs implications.

Here's one of several key cost & environmental insights:

Regional Impacts

Regional impacts depend on a variety of factors, including economic base, energy use, electricity generation, and allowance allocation.

Across all regions, the most significant emissions reductions are from coal use, with the largest reductions coming in the South and Midwest regions. By 2030, electricity generation is switching from coal to natural gas and CCS.

In the majority of regions, GDP and consumption impacts are less than 3% in 2030 and 2050. The largest GDP and consumption impacts are in the Plains region.

(This is driven by among other things, regional differences in the energy and manufacturing industry composition; regional energy use patterns including household heating and cooling needs, and average distance traveled; and existing fossil fuel capacity in the electricity sector).

Follow this link for the complete EPA Climate Security Act of 2008 Analysis:

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