Monday, July 27, 2009

Food Buyers Can Go Green

Per an Environmental News Network Article titled.. Greener Dining with the Green Restaurant Association has several key points applicable to Food Buyers. Here are several keys from the post.

The most common green certification is for existing restaurants. For an existing restaurant to qualify they must have a full-scale recycling program, be free of polystyrene foam (like styrofoam ToGo containers), hold a yearly education program and qualify for at least 100 points and meet the minimum requirements in each category. Achieving the bare minimum of 100 points will land a restaurant a Two-Star Certified Green Restaurant label. It takes 175 points to achieve Three-Star status and then a whopping 470 points to get Four-Star which is the highest level. A restaurant must also continue to improve annually and achieve more points in order to retain the certification.

Points are collected for sustainable actions and activities in the following seven categories:

* Water Efficiency
* Waste Reduction & Recycling
* Sustainable Furnishings and Building Materials
* Sustainable Food
* Energy
* Disposables
* Chemical & Pollution Reduction

See the source article for more sourcing & sustainability details:

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