Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reducing a marathon's carbon footprint

Baltimore Running Festival joins efforts to stop trashing the course..

Tens of thousands of people will converge on the city in October to watch or participate in the Baltimore Running Festival. But if all goes according to plan, they won't leave much of a footprint.

Organizers of the marathon and the day's other races will recycle cups, hand out reduced-plastic bottles, compost food and waste, collect discarded shoes, and use alternative-energy cars. They'll hand out race shirts made from 100 percent recycled materials. And they'll plant 100 trees along the race course.

Like other areas of modern life, large sporting events are being influenced by higher public expectations, stronger municipal pressure, and organizer and sponsor enlightenment. This year, organizers in Baltimore and around the nation have stepped up efforts to get runners to stop trashing the road to the finish line.

That's an ambitious goal for such races - in Baltimore alone, supplies for runners include 400,000 cups of water, 19,000 bananas and 6,000 apples.

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