Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New On Demand Book Deal provides new Carbon Footprint Reduction Model

Google has agreed to provide On Demand Books, LLC (ODB), the maker of the Espresso Book Machine® (EBM), with immediate access to over two million public-domain titles in the Google digital files. This unprecedented number of reading options is in addition to the current 1.6 million titles already available directly to consumers via the Espresso Book Machine®.

The Espresso Book Machine® is a small, patented high-speed automated book-making machine. In a few minutes it can print, bind and trim a single-copy library-quality paperback book complete with a full-color paperback cover.

Read more: http://www.fiercecio.com/press-releases/google-signs-agreement-demand-books#ixzz0S7oD7UH8

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