Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Green Procurement Tip- Select Service Provider That Shares Your Firms Vision

Pick A Service Provider That Shares Your.. Green Business Strategy

Corporate responsibility guru John Elkington may have coined the term “triple bottom line” some 20 years ago, but it has become a guiding principle for corporate strategists of the 21st century.

The underlying elements of the triple bottom line are profit, planet and people: Companies are striving to achieve success through financial means, environmental/green/sustainability efforts, as well as through social channels.

Although triple bottom line has its advantages, many companies struggle with implementing the ideals throughout their end-to-end processes. From a supply chain perspective, businesses are finding that the triple bottom line has added another dimension to outsourcing service/reverse supply chain activities.

Consider the reasons for outsourcing service/reverse supply chain activities. Most companies typically do it because the practice enables them to focus on core business, rely on technology and expertise of a third-party and manage risks and control along the reverse chain.

But for companies pursuing the triple bottom line philosophy, the service provider selection process must take into account additional criteria. These measures ensure that the customer and service provider relationship increases sustainability efforts for both parties, as well as enhances the value network—both upstream and downstream.

When selecting a service provider and working to achieve a successful triple bottom line, consider the following areas:

Alignment of vision
Brand equity
Aligned processes
Supply chain network


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