Thursday, July 8, 2010

Federal Contractor Environmental & Energy Strategy Training Set for August 2010 (Executive Order 13514)

This time critical Federal Environmental and Energy training will impact more than 500,000 suppliers and $400 billion in revenue for companies that offer products and services to the U.S. Federal Government. Companies must understand and comply with Federal Environmental & Energy Leadership Policy or risk business loss.

This short course will be led by John Wilkerson CPSM, SSMBB is VP, Supply Chain and Sustainability Executive at Bellwether Services, a strategic management consulting firm advising global clients on complex issues of Strategy, Operations, Technology, and Sustainability. Wilkerson is an international award winning Business Executive and retired Military Officer. He has held Executive level Supply Chain, Contracting, Sustainability or Consulting roles in Government, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. Wilkerson’s current client’s revenues or investments exceed $785 billion. He is the author of the Reality of Green Series and Green Supply Chain Management Book Series and advisor to the financial markets.

Course details are as follows:

Monday, August 16, 2010 in Bethesda, MD
Course: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST
Cost: $350 per person

Why is this course different?
The Federal Government with over $400 billion in buying power and 500,000 contractors is a major purchaser of goods and services in the United States economy. With such a large spend it is not surprising that the Government and its supply chain partners create the most Greenhouse Gas (Carbon) emissions in the United States. On October 5, 2009, Executive Order 13514, Federal Environmental and Energy Leadership Policy was issued, which requires federal agencies to develop strategies to reduce their own Greenhouse Gas emissions and the emissions of their contractors and suppliers. This time sensitive and unique seminar with provide contractors with Greenhouse Gas emissions fundamentals, business strategy and best practices for Greenhouse Gas Inventories that will impact contracts awarded by January 2011 and later

Why Should You Attend?
Executive Order 13514 calls for 95% of future federal contracts or contract modifications to include a Greenhouse Gas Inventory reporting mandate. Companies preparing proposals today need to understand and comply with the Federal Environmental & Energy Policy or risk losing current and future business.

Course Description:
This Greenhouse Gas Inventory Planning and Implementation course will provide contractor Executive Order 13514 Strategy, Environmental and Energy Awareness, Water Optimization and Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction best practices from firsthand knowledge, past performance and industrial research. This session also offers insight from a Financial Services and Private Equity perspective for public companies.

Course will focus on:

- Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Water Optimization Fundamentals
- Business Drivers & Competitive Advantage
- Implementation Strategy & Business Metrics
- Greenhouse Gas Emissions Best Practices

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