Thursday, July 29, 2010

Supply Chain Executive, Bill Stankiewicz provides Carbon Footprint Management Insight in new Federal Green Supply Chain Book

Supply Chain Executive, Bill Stankiewicz shares Carbon Footprint Best Practices in New Green Book

Bill Stankiewicz, a world renowned Supply Chain Executive and Speaker provides carbon footprint reduction best practices in new Green Supply Chain text. The text “Greening the Federal Supply Chain” is an implementation resource for Federal Contractors seeking to comply with Executive Order 13514 in the coming months.

Book’s purpose:
Federal Environmental, Energy Leadership Policy mandates Federal Agencies and Supply Chain Partners to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission and optimize water resources. This new Green Book supports Federal Vendors who require collecting, measuring and implementing GHG Strategy. Per the Federal Policy GHG inventories are due January 2011.

Pre-Ordering details:
Author: John Wilkerson
ISBN: 9781934947524-54495
Title: Greening the Federal Supply Chain- A Federal Contractor’s Executive
Order 13514 (Environmental & Energy Policy) Implementation Resource
Contact: books (at) bellwether-services (dot) com or 404.386.2437

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