Monday, August 30, 2010

Global Biodiversity and Food Supply Chain analysis by John Wilkerson

The U.S. Security Exchange Commission( S.E.C.) issued climate change interpretive guidance during the Q1, 2010. This guidance for importers and other public companies required firms to disclosure their impact on climate change. Institutions must now consider the firm's impact global warming when reporting to investors and shareholders. What does this mean to the import food supply chain? Here's a preview of potential regional & global warming threats.

Global Threats:
In the past years very few global companies mention biodiversity in their annual report. This tells us global warming is still an emerging topic in the board room. The S.E.C. understands the industry weakness and will address the strategic challenge. As this climate change program evolves expect the Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) to get involve in drive behavior from a local level; harvest, distribution and transportation points.


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