Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Social Responsibility Leadership- Creator of the What You Can Do Video Series

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Together we can make a difference...

Creator of the What You Can Do Video Series

Actor and producer Jessica Arinella envisioned a documentary project to inspire positive action, rather than desperation, for important environmental and social issues. After watching a thought-provoking documentary that left her feeling overwhelmed and powerless, she dreamed up the What You Can Do series. Jessica and her colleagues at On the Leesh Productions developed the series to provide viewers with simple ways to make a positive impact on issues including climate change, water conservation, wildlife preservation, world hunger and more. On the Leesh is an independent New York City company that produces film, Web series and corporate video.

For this project, Jessica works with local and national organizations such as City Harvest, Defenders of Wildlife and The Ocean Conservancy to spotlight powerful ideas for green living and social change. Most episodes are produced in New York City, with cast and crew donating their time or working at a highly discounted rate.

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