Monday, April 4, 2011

White House, businesses join hands on ‘clean’ vehicle fleets

From Climate Progress

The US Governemnt is rolling out a new partnership with corporate giants like AT&T, UPS and PepsiCo to reduce their fleets’ oil use with hybrid and electric vehicles, alternative fuels and other steps that trim oil consumption.

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The Governments second high-profile energy event this week – and other appearances by administration energy officials – signal a White House push to seize control of the issue as rising oil and gasoline prices loom as a political threat.

It’s also the type of program the administration can launch under its existing authorities at a time when Capitol Hill action on energy legislation is a question mark.

Transforming big commercial fleets – which together have several million vehicles – provides a major opportunity to cut gasoline and diesel demand, according to the White House and other advocates of alternative vehicles and fuels.

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