Wednesday, June 8, 2011

12 of the greenest colleges and universities

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As part of our 2011 Heart of Green Awards, The Daily Green has selected six of the greenest small colleges and six of the greenest big universities to compete in online voting until March 27.

For decades, America's colleges have been epicenters for environmental activism and change. Colleges have been among the first to recycle, compost, erect green buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They often serve as test beds for emerging green technologies, from Oberlin's "living machine" water purification system to Carleton College's Green Roof Project.

These 12 schools have earned high marks in sustainability over the past few semesters:

Brown University
UC Davis
Ball State
Yale University

Follow this link for the balance of the list..;_ylt=AsicuzyIeWf_eUCIjjd5wfDIV8cX

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