Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leading online resource- 15 Green Supply Chain Case Studies

Excerpts reposted from the Green Ecomny Post:

15 Green Supply Chain Studies You Should Know About

Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is gaining much importance in many industries due to pressure from the government and environmental consciousness among the customers, to gain competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Decarbonization: The Role of Logistics and Transportation in Reducing Supply Chain Carbon Emissions.

According to the report, logistics and transportation activities contribute approximately 5 percent of the 50,000 mega-tonnes* of carbon-dioxide emissions generated by all human activity annually. The report reviews 13 commercially viable opportunities for reducing supply chain carbon emissions—within the logistics and transport sector as well as across the extended supply chain—and assesses them according to carbon-dioxide abatement potential and feasibility to implement.

How Green is the Supply Chain? Practice and Research

This paper provides an overview of environmental (green) supply chain management. The overview includes a categorization of research and practice in purchasing, manufacturing, outbound, and reverse logistics dimensions.

Follow this link for more GSCM details.

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