Thursday, November 24, 2011

Are Federal Contractors Ready? Investors, Traders, The Markets Listen Up!

Feds are pushing the U.S. Sustainability Policy to 600,000 Suppliers. Expect numerous program deployment challenges.

See Operational Analysis by Bellwether Services:

DoD, GSA, & NASA are driving the Federal Government's Environmental Performance Program. A sustainability procurement interim rule was issued last week which will impact 600,000 Federal Contractors and hundreds of investment portfolios. Here are seven key points:

- Federal Order was announced October 2009
- Federal sustainability scorecards were published April 2011
- Procurement rule effective date is August 2011
- Procurement rule impacts > 95 percent of future contracts
- Renewable energy is only one of several focus areas
- Many top tier Federal Contractors are early adopters and could gain marketshare
- Chemicals, Forestry, Packaging and some Electronics sectors are early adopters

Are your investments positioned for future federal growth?

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