Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Asian - Pacific Member Economies (APEC) Carbon Emissions Status (2009)

Many APEC member economics are actively engaged in improving Air Quality. See the 2009 Carbon Emissions per APEC member country. See source & link below: Country CO2e t/person/year
Canada (all regions) 17.37 Chile (all regions) 4.28 China (all regions) 4.57 Indonesia (all regions) 1.67 Japan (all regions) 9.68 Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of 2.62 Malaysia (all regions) 6.68 New Zealand (all regions) 8.48 Peru (all regions) 1.09 Philippines (all regions) 0.82 Singapore (all regions) 9.8 Thailand (all regions) 3.54 United States (all regions) 19.1 Viet Nam (all regions) 1.1 Source: International Energy Agency.

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