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Bellwether Services Weights In on Green Purchasing Business Base Fundamentals in Supply Chain Community

John Wilkerson was previously employed by Pepsi-Cola, Nestle Purina, and Dannon Waters of North America. He is a Certified Professional in Supply Management and Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. His functional expertise includes global sourcing, global supply chain management, sales and operations planning, and sustainable supply chains. He expanded his expertise to Green Purchasing / Sustainable Supply Chain topic in 2007following a global consulting assignment in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

See interview brief excerpts:
Green Purchasing Principles

1.       The most important principle is looking at the Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) throughout the acquisition. The things we pay attention to from a principle perspective are price, geographic source, service level and also the specific solution.

2.       Supply Partners – John looks for his partners to participate in some type of carbon footprint reduction strategy, or water optimization strategy. He and his team look for those folks to be part of that thought process.

3.       Supply chain partners should develop a strategy for renewable energy long term. In the short term it is not realistic in most cases. They look for the supply base to participate long term in the renewable energy market

Looking at the Business Case

1.       The voice of the end retail customer: This involves understanding the influence of millennials, the Generation Y, the people on the West and East coasts, etc. Organizations and enterprises do pay attention and this is one reason Green Purchasing is important. This group of people are being monitored by experts, demand planners and marketing planners. It is very important for for organizations to pay attention. As marketing drives organizations it trickles down to purchasing.

2.      The voice of the shareholders and investors: WallStreet, NASDAQ, Hong Kong, CAC and all the indexes are looking at the environmental sustainability / climate change risk management programs. Green Purchasing is another one of those items that is out there. You have to listen to it and it is another reason why you generate the potential business case.

3.      The voice of the business: Organizations do not like to have negative press and boycotts of their brand. Green Purchasing is another extension of the marketing in this space.
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