Friday, August 28, 2009

Green and competent

Interesting thoughts from the Institute of Car Fleet Management.

The more enlightened fleet operators realised a long time ago that a ‘green’ fleet management embodied best practice fleet management principles which, if implemented professionally, could also deliver sustainable cost savings. However, reducing emissions and costs can bring the fleet manager into conflict with operational business priorities and company car drivers if this process is not managed professionally. This means that more than ever, those responsible for fleets, whether in HR, procurement or fulfilling the more traditional fleet manager role, need to be competent in a wide range of skills and expertise if they are going to be successful.

This article looks at the issues and risks that need to be addressed and the areas of competence that need to be developed; and the important role that the Institute of Car Fleet Management (ICFM) plays in being the only accredited provider of fleet management training in the UK.

Learning from experience

How often have we heard embattled fleet managers saying that they have ‘learnt by experience’? Another way of expressing this is ‘learning by mistakes’ which can be very costly indeed in the case of motor vehicles. Cars and vans are expensive, business critical assets and the total cost of fleet – if known and it frequently is not – is usually one of the highest costs to an organisation after salaries, property and IT.

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