Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Energy Sourcing Solution- Closer Than You Think

According to a Canwest News Service column British Columbia wind-power projects should be online in 2010 or early 2011. Read more..

VANCOUVER – British Columbia's burgeoning green electricity sector got a triple-jolt of good news.

One stalled project has new owners with solid financial resources and two others vying for contracts with BC Hydro got major credibility boosts from the provincial government.

Plutonic Power and GE Energy Financial Services announced on Friday that construction will resume this spring on Phase 1 of the Dokie wind farm project in the Peace River region they acquired after the former proponent went into creditor protection.

On Thursday, two other large and ambitious wind power projects, NaiKun, in northwestern B.C., and Thunder Mountain, in the northeastern part of the province, reached a milestone step when they received environmental approvals from the provincial government.

Phase 1 of the Plutonic-GE Dokie project involves a cluster of 48 80-metre turbine towers on a ridge near Chetwynd in northeastern B.C. See more...

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