Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tesco Selects CA ecoSoftware to Manage Carbon Footprint Data Worldwide

Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer and the world’s third largest grocery retailer, has selected CA ecoSoftware to help fulfill its long-term commitment to drive down carbon emissions across its global operations. CA ecoSoftware helps enterprises and managed service providers in a wide range of industries manage carbon, reduce energy use and become more sustainable. CA ecoSoftware also enables organizations to better manage and govern their sustainability strategies, bringing what have traditionally been disparate departmental efforts into a centralized, cross-enterprise process and program.

With 468,000 Tesco employees working at more than 4,000 locations across 14 countries, the task of accounting for carbon emissions is time-consuming and complex. Tesco has implemented CA ecoSoftware to help increase the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of its carbon accounting process, enabling the company to more effectively track progress in pursuit of its ambitious carbon reduction goals.

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