Friday, June 11, 2010

Bellwether Services GHG- Scope 3, Green Purchasing Program Drives Out GHG Emissions in Georgia

Bellwether Services is a strategic management consulting firm advising global clients on complex issues of strategy, operations, technology, and sustainability, announces its continued commitment to the environment. As part of the Bellwether’s 2010 Sustainability initiative, Bellwether will aggressive reduce its supply chain Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG- Scope 3). Evidence of Bellwethers suppliers’ GHG- Scope3 Emission reducation efforts includes California based IPOWER. IPOWER with more than 700,000 customers across 100 countries has offset its data center emissions by purchasing 100% Wind Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). As a result of IPOWER’s sustainability program the company will reduce > 6.1 million miles on U.S. Highways.

Georgia headquartered Bellwether Services serves numerous markets including Consumer Products, Private Equity, Beverage, Chemical, Food, Computer Electronics, Global Logistics, as well as Public Health, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

For more details view the Bellwether Green Certificate.

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