Monday, June 14, 2010

Recyling Best Practice- Cell Phone

Excerpts from MNN...

That — and the planned obsolescence of changing technology — means you'll probably change your phone every 18 months to two years. That translates into a lot of potentially toxic e-waste.

PVC, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and brominated flame retardants ... consumer electronics can be a witches' brew of substances you don't want leaching out of landfills and into your drinking water. Rather than thoughtlessly dropping that old phone into a nearby dumpster or hiding it in a desk drawer, recycle or repurpose it!

Many large electronic stores, including RadioShack, Staples and Best Buy, feature handy drop boxes for unwanted phones and batteries. It's quite possible your cell phone vendor offers a take-back program. Call2recycle maintains a national database of drop-off centers.

Working or repairable cell phones can be a lifeline for seniors and women's shelters. These can be as close as a quick call to organizations listed in your local phone directory... more....

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