Saturday, February 19, 2011

World's Largest Carbon Emitter Continues Sustainability Program

See excerpts from LA Times:

How? By mobilizing the government's vast purchasing power to kick-start a green energy revolution. Federal spending is responsible for roughly 25% of the gross national product, giving Washington enormous power to influence marketplace behavior even if annual spending levels are trimmed.

The federal government is the world's largest consumer of energy and vehicles. If the Pentagon, the Postal Service and other agencies shifted their buying wherever possible from dirty technologies to clean ones, it would give manufacturers such as Smith Electric Vehicles, headquartered in Blunt's state, a huge influx of orders. These orders would yield economies of scale that would enable green manufacturers to substantially reduce prices.

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  1. Quite. And Smith Electric is not some unproven hopeful newcomer begging for public money - it is a long-established busines that knows what it's doing, having built EVs for 90 years. It is also ready to expand into 20 states, providing jobs, and soon to float on the US stockmarket (its previous parent, Tanfield Group, is already long-established on the London market). This is a company worth backing, in my view.