Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eye for Transportation Survey- CSCO

Chief supply chain officers do not see sustainability as a key challenge in 2010/2011, according to a survey by research firm eyefortransport (EFT).

In the survey, supply chain officers identified the “biggest business challenges driving their supply chain agenda” as variability and forecasting (42 percent), cost containment and reduction (39 percent), and supply chain visibility (35 percent).

Sustainability strategies and practices only ranked 11th in the list of concerns, with just over 15 percent.

Similarly, a second EFT survey found that logistics service users ranked sustainability only 15th in importance out of 24 challenges they face, behind such factors as the economy, cost control and fuel price fluctuations.

Respondents from third-party logistics services, however, ranked sustainability sixth, with the economy, cost control and demand forecasting coming tops.


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