Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strategic Vision & Framework v9.0

See brief excerpt from the NOAA climate change framework:

Executive Summary

Every place on Earth is sensitive to changes in climate and weather. Up to one-third of the U.S.
gross domestic product depends on accurate weather and climate information.

The local-to-global-scale impacts of climate variability and change have fueled a growing public demand for climate services—easily accessible and timely scientific data and information about climate that helps people make informed decisions in their lives, businesses, and communities.


Table 2.1. Continued Support. The Climate Service will continue NOAA’s support of other
agencies and complimentary capabilities, by providing climate services critical to those
agencies’ missions. For example, DOE, NASA, and EPA have responsibilities and/or
capabilities regarding carbon monitoring and emissions, renewable energy, and seasonal
energy use. The Climate Service will support:

• Renewable energy development
• Seasonal energy use
• Carbon emissions issues

• Impacts of a changing climate
• Infrastructure
• Transportation corridors

Follow this link for the complete framework.


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